Training & Executive Development

"Knowledge is power." ~ Sir Francis Bacon

We offer in house and on site Workshops and Executive Development in our areas of expertise.

BPS offers a variety of Nationally accredited certificate courses through our RTO partners. BPS also provides both federal and state government funding traineeship training for our certificate courses. Our short courses through our RTO partners. courses and workshops are ideal for people looking to learn something new or for those updating their existing skills. We can provide onsite training and can tailor the courses and workshops to suit the clients needs. Some of our courses and workshops include:

Process Improvement & Organisation Management

  • Certificate 4 in competitive systems and processes
  • Eliminating the seven deadly wastes within you organisation
  • Applying Lean in the service industry
  • Aligning human resources with the critical purpose

Strategic & Marketing

  • Develop a competitive strategy
  • Building execution in you strategy
  • Aligning Systems with Strategy
  • Building an enduring Brand
  • Marketing planning for success

Corporate Governance & Risk Management

  • Principles of Corporate Governance
  • Directors Responsibility
  • Risk Management
  • Succession Planning for SME's

Financial Management

  • Interactive Control Systems
  • Business Management Controls - Accounts Payable, Purchases and Payment
  • Business Management Controls - Accounts receivable, Revenue and Receipts
  • Business Management Controls - Asset Management
  • Three Way Forecasting